Jeremy Bannister

My name is Jeremy Bannister. I am a husband of 25 years, a father of three and a dedicated pastor of over 18 the same church!

I have been in Youth Ministry the entire time I have been a pastor. I have done programs for hundreds of teens over the years. Therefore, I am passionate about seeing faith being built up in young people.

However, about a dozen years ago, I came to two equally brutal realizations.

First, as a youth pastor, I wasn't very good at helping parents with their youth. Most youth & children programs are heavy on Youth Pastor/Student interaction and very light on Youth Pastor/Parent interaction. It isn't how most of us, as Youth Pastors, envisioned, however, after years in Youth Ministry I discovered it is the accepted default model for both churches and colleges who train Youth Pastors. This is something I knew had to change.

Second, I wasn't very good at discipling my own children. It may sound strange, but I was much more at home talking to Jr. High and High School students about Jesus than my own children. I didn't know what my children could know or should know about Jesus and the Bible when they were young. This bothered me because they didn't hand out diplomas for the discipleship of your own children in Bible college. So I found myself in the same situation with my own children that many faithful parents trusted me to help with in their children.

Over the last dozen years, I have been rediscovering these two lost disciplines. You could say that they have become my passion. It is my desire to share what I have learned and implemented in my own ministry and my own children to you.

Maybe you are like I was, doing the best you can, but not sure if you are doing what God wants you to do in relation to raising your children in the Lord.

Or maybe you are a Pastor, Youth Pastor or Children's Minister who desperately wants to connect with parents in meaningful ways, but are unsure how to make it happen.

This is what The Next Generation Ministries is all about. We will travel and come to you to help parents in your congregation become equipped for the high calling of discipling their children.

Interested? Click below to find out more and to see how you could have a speaker or even a ready-made conference come to you!

Discipleship Begins at Home

3-5 sessions designed for a full-day or weekend conference

In this series of talks, we look at God's command to parents to disciple their children, how it has been lost in the American church and what it will take to regain it, one family at a time.

Biblical Discipline

1 session(either workshop or keynote with Q & A)

In this session, we teach parents how to instruct and correct using the Word of God as the fixed point of reference.

Remembering the Endgame

1-3 sessions designed for single keynote, full-day or weekend conference

In this series of talks, we focus on the perseverance a parent needs in order to complete goal of discipleship for their children.  It is not an easy task.  How do you keep the goal before you for 20+ years?    

Spiritual Architects

1 session (either workshop or keynote)

In this session, we take some time to rediscover the blueprint of building spiritually mature children.