We are Parents, just like you. And just like you, we have taken God’s command to raise up our children in training and instruction of the Lord seriously (Eph. 6:4)


As we watched painfully, we saw other parents witness their children fall away from the faith at an alarming rate.  A terrifying question came to our minds:  "Are we doing enough for our children to keep them in the faith when they grow up?"  So we did what any parent would do, we took them to church, to children's church, to AWANA, to youth group, to camp, to conferences...basically anywhere we could to make sure that we were doing all that we could to raise our children in the training and instruction of the Lord.

   Even after doing all of this, we still weren't sure if we were doing enough.  Maybe you can relate.  I mean, no one ever told us what was expected of us in this training process other than we were supposed to disciple our children.  But if we just had some concrete things that we could do, we would do them.  If we had some way to measure that we were doing all that was expected of us in this lofty calling of discipleship, then we would have some confidence that we were obeying the commands of Jesus the way He wanted us to and some hope that our children wouldn't fall away from faith.


It was from this desire The Next Generation was born.  Over the last decade, we have been rediscovering the lost art of discipleship and applying it to our children's lives.  The lessons that we have learned, through our successes and failures, are what we wish to share with faithful Christian parents who want the same for their children.  

Most importantly, we want to give parents a plan they can follow to know that they are doing all that they can in discipling their children.  This is not a guarantee that your children will not fall away from the faith.  However, we believe that following this plan will drastically reduce that possibility because we have tested it on our most precious proving ground, our own children.

It is our hope to share this message of hope to faithful Christian parents throughout the United States.  Let me assure you, YOU CAN DO THIS!  No matter your circumstances, your knowledge or your background, YOU CAN DO THIS!  And we are here to help!

This is why The Next Generation exists:  to equip parents to help them disciple their children into mature believers in Christ.

Bring us in and let us see what we can do for you.